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CITY Reads - March 24th Edition

Folks, we are officially a month into St. Louis City SC’s inaugural season, and I think it’s safe to say no one expected us to be where we are now. This team is just plain fun. We face a tough challenge tomorrow as we travel to Salt Lake with quite a bit of squad rotation in the mix, but at this point, I think we’re all eager to see who will step up to the challenge this time. As we head into the weekend, here’s what’s caught my eye this week.

An Honest Assessment

Hats off to Joseph Lowery in this piece for Backheeled as he takes a look at St. Louis City SC’s first four games. He owns what appears to be a significant miss on preseason expectations (I join him in grossly underestimating this team, for the record), and poses the most important question - is this style of play sustainable? This question is 100% valid, and I think every fan needs to give it thought.

Legal Nonsense

We’re starting off with the dumbest story of the week. Soccer Capitol, a fantastic fan podcast covering all things St. Louis City SC since 2021, received a cease and desist regarding their name by Sporting Kansas City for infringing on their registered trademark. What trademark, you ask? That would be one for “Soccer Capital of America”, a podcast debuting in November of 2022 that only covered the World Cup across eight episodes. Sporting Kansas City really couldn’t wait to get the rivalry going, I guess, and wanted to ensure it started off in the silliest way possible. Hats off to River City Ramble, the new name of Soccer Capitol, for already releasing more episodes since the name change than SKC has goals this season.

International Contributor

Kyle Hiebert received a major honor this week, earning his first call-up to the Canadian national squad. He will miss a couple of games, but as he joins Blom and Perez for respective call-ups, we can’t help but be proud of what these men have accomplished in a short amount of time. I’m currently working on a profile of the internationals that I hope to share with you soon.

Local Legend

If you were able to watch the San Jose match on Saturday night, you saw a rising star - the Toasted Ravioli Hat man. Jenna Jones with the Riverfront Times tracked down its creator and interviewed the creator of an overnight St. Louis icon.

The Other Side

Occasionally it’s nice to take a look at what our opponents have to say. Courtesy of Chandler Holt at KSL Sports, here’s a match preview to give you an idea of what's going through the minds of Real Salt Lake in preparation for Saturday.

Quick Hits

A cross-border rivalry is quickly becoming a cross-border beatdown. Let’s do it on the field, too.

CITYPARK is getting its first new pattern. How can you not love a good mowing video?

A cold night at home was on fire Saturday as St. Louis became the first ever 4-0 entrant to MLS, and the club’s content team delivered. Enjoy.

Want to talk St. Louis City SC and all things soccer? Come find @StLFooty on Twitter!

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