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CCL Beware: A Barely-any-ass Match Preview

Tonight we kick off our first ever CCL campaign against *COPIES AND PASTES FROM WIKIPEDIA*

Violette AC

Ah yes, the team that

is one of the most successful clubs in the country

And just won it's first league title last year since 1999 . I was 10 in 1999. I'm 33 now. I'm clowning on them, yes, but I really shouldn't be. This squad his been in action since 1918. That's a whole 100 years older than our freshly minted club. There's pride in that team, Le Vieux Tigre, AKA the Old Tiger.

There's something very beautiful about soccer clubs and fans in the Caribbean and Central America. The MLS could barely stand on it's own two feet when there was no revenue to be gained, but these leagues and teams have forged forward for hundreds of years without any glitz or glamour. There's pride in that. There's pride in playing for your home, and that's what we'll be up against tonight. We'll be up against a whole country.

You can clown on the fact that none of their players have available pictures online, or that their footage is grainy and unfocused, but this is going to be a fight. Expect the following:

  • Shithousery

  • Dangerous tackles

  • Uncalled fouls

  • French Expletives

  • A fist fight

I can't wait! You can never count out a team when people think they don't have a chance. The greatest motivator is "No one believes in us". And no one believes in... *COPIES AND PASTES FROM WIKIPEDIA AGAIN*

Violette AC
What to watch out for
  • Injuries! This match makes me nervous, because it's going to be a physical affair, on a subpar surface. Slippage, rough tackles. Anything is on the table.

  • Due to the above bullet, I think we'll see a heavily rotated cast today. Ring at midfield with Valencia? Tarek, or Lundkvist at CB? Urriti up front with Finley? I'll be curious just how deep we go with the rotations. We need to get out of there without too big of a hole for the home leg, but we also need to get our of there with our starter's legs intact.

  • Sofiane Djeffal. Let's see him. What's he got. How's his French shit-talking game? All of these questions can be answered with a 60 minute sub session.

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