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A half-assed breakdown of CF Montréal




Their coach is a smoke-show. This is Hernán Losada, Argentinian coach of the CF Montréal's and I'm worried that we might be outmatched. I think I speak for everyone when I say, I've never felt like our coach wasn't the hotter one. But... I'm worried he won't be this week.

I took this GIF by taking a video of my TV with my phone. And he's still handsome. I think we're outclassed. Fortunately, I don't think we're outmatched by CF Montréal as a team. But I've got some concerns.

The Brakedwn

I watched Montréal's game against Miami last week. Man, Miami has the worst turf in the game. It make the Superbowl turf look like Augusta. These players are were falling everywhere. Also, two of the worst kits of the year. This fixture was a slog, so I worked during it. So, How accurate is my analysis? It's immaculate.

The Positeves
  • You'll see in my shit GIF above that their starting keeper broke his hand or some shit. I couldn't hear, because I was working and had the TV on silent. But he was holding his wrist. Jonathan Sirois is the replacement, and the last 10 minutes of that Miami Game is ALL OF THE MLS THIS MAN HAS PLAYED. That classifies as a bazzinga.

  • Montréal doesn't seem to press hard after losing the ball. Instead they get back into formation behind the ball. Tactics change game to game, but this could end up being beneficial, with whoever the CB is on Saturday (RELOAD THE KELLER, FIRE HIM BACK OUT THERE. I want a movie moment, where he wins us the game).

  • The Montréal back line and midfield were extremely sloppy with their passes, and touches. Miami gathered the ball regularly on the Montréal half of the pitch. I bet we start Uritti for this one. With his pressing up front, we could get ourselves up 2-3 goals based on this alone. As and aside, I was curious what we'd get out of Zardes on Saturday, and it wasn't great. Sure, he didn't get much service, but he also doesn't really play our style up front. I wonder if he falls off by the second half of the season.

The Badd
  • Although they don't press off a lost ball, but they do off set pieces, specifically goal kicks. Our back line is a little shook, and it's not just Keller. Leo Väisänen miss-marked Klaus on that third goal. He might have been trying to draw him offside, but that's a communication error. Lima has sloppy moments back there, and Kolmanič gave up a free header that somehow WASN'T a goal. We'll get back to this in a moment.

  • It's been a moment. Montréal plays two strikers up top, and they like to break lines. Just like Klaus did to us last week. Whoever we start at CB this weekend, they're gonna get worked and that communication needs to be key.

    • With this, let's chat about Tarek. The guy hasn't played in the MLS for two years. He's been in Egypt. Even when he was an MLS player, he was a backup for the Red Bulls. Only 10 starts in each of the last two years there. He seems like he's analytically there. But does he have the athleticism to compete? I don't think we should start him this weekend, (maybe Tuesday) but I wouldn't be surprised if we see him. Here's a vid of Tarek taking out our very own Zardes. For whatever peculiar reason, there's almost no highlights of this backup CB anywhere, but in that one, he doesn't look particularly quick.

  • The final was 2-0, but that sure looked more like a 2-2 game to me. Expected goals were 2.86 to 1.99 in favor of Miami. Miami plays a semi-similar style to Austin right now. Sloppy in the back, and advancing in the front. We certainly have the better squad and better player up front, but we may be worse in the back. Montréal likes to bunker and counter, and... we fucking suck at this. Really bad even with Gabrielsen and Cascante last year. This is why I think we need to roll out the most athletic player we have at CB, and I think that might still be Kipp Keller.

  • Finally, their coach is just too hot. Can we overcome this deficit?

What To Look For
  • I think we have to start Ring, for the sake of leadership and communication. I don't think he was as good as his match stats look. For one, he wasn't pressed after they scored that second goal, and a couple of his "completed" passes were wide misses that our players had to turn run out of their way to go get, even if they weren't stolen. But, we're going to need him and he's needed now.

  • I'm excited to see what Wolff does at CB. I think it would take some balls to throw Keller out there, but I think that's the best thing we could do for the kid if he thinks he's truly a starting CB in the MLS. If we see Tarek, I wouldn't be surprised, and same with Ring, but what about Djeffal? He seems to rate well defensively. I bet he's a sub at minimum on Saturday, not necessarily at CB.

  • Can Rigoni continue to beat players off the dribble? Montréal runs three at the back, so breaking down one of their defenders will be key. I think we start Uritti, and I think that will help Rigoni get some easy touches on the quick steal fast-break. I want a goal from him this week. If we get that, I'll feel confident going forward, but a no goal, no assist game would start to make me worry.

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