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Last Saturday, Fc Cincinnati finally did something that they hadn’t done all season, Win at home. It‘s shocking really, not that they finally won, but that it took so long. Many other MLS teams would kill for a home atmosphere Like what Cincinnati has. The stadium is second to none and so is the fanbase. Fc Cincinnati currently sits 3rd in attendance rankings, as a losing team. Playoff caliber MLS teams would kill for such support. Yet before Saturday, FCC had a 0-5-4 record at home. Fan‘s started to believe that there was a curse plaguing this team at home. Enter The Pride and The Northern Row Brewery.

Friday night, the supporters group “The Pride” gathered on the patio at their home The Northern Row Brewery to reverse the curse. The group was obviously Inspired by the show Ted Lasso on Apple TV. In an episode of the show, coach Lasso finds out that his “Ace“ player Danny Rojas (Football is life) was seemingly injured but a curse that plagues the club’s training room. In the show, the team joins together to burn precious personal items (some for than others) as offerings to the spirits. It worked on the show. So in a wonderfully fun Idea, the Pride had a ceremonial fire and made an offering to the spirits seemingly Haunting TQL Stadium.

Offer accepted!

Following the mystical events that must have taken place at The Northern Row, Fc Cincy FINALLY won at home. With the curse reversed, FCC was able to score two goals and complete the clean sheet. It was probably the best FCC has looked this season. Sure, their opponent was last place Toronto Fc, who has been playing uninspired and poor soccer, but that’s beside the point. The Offering worked. The Curse is Reversed!!

To the Pride and The Northern Row, we Fc Cincy fans salute you! It was a wonderful and fun idea, and now we have you to thank for the amazing feelings felt on Saturday night. You are truly a great example of what a supporters group should be about, fun and togetherness. We has Fc Cincy fans are so lucky to have such wonderful groups and the supportive bars/pubs/breweries like The Northern Row that gives them a home.

I’ve spoken at length about all this club has to offer. Yes, these results have been hard to come by and there has been more disappointing results than happy ones, but this club has everything else going for them. It’s only a matter of time before the results follow.

Rob Burkhardt

Twitter: @burkhardt_rob

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